Robotics laboratory, established in December 1986, is located at the Engineering Complex Building, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University. It is conducted by Prof. H.P Huang. The goal of this Lab is to conduct advanced research in the fields of robotics and automation.
The researches in our laboratory are focus on the areas of micro/nano assembly systems, automation, biomedical engineering, intelligent systems, image processing. The objectives are to develop intelligent robots, factory scheduling/re-scheduling, remote maintenance/diagnosis platform, micro/nano manipulation, artificial prosthetic hands, EMG signal process and recognition, customer relationship management, intrusion detection system over Internet, computer vision, and SoC based MEMS systems.
Robotics laboratory has cooperated with several famous companies in Taiwan, such as TSMC, Ford Motor, Yulong Motor, Leadway Machinery. Besides, we also conduct technical projects from National Science Council, Ministry of Education, ITRI, China Textile Research Center, Industry Development Bureau. We have provided many techniques and experience to all the sponsors and published high quality papers. Also, we own several patents and copyrights.
Currently, the research of the Robotics Laboratory is divided into four groups:intelligent robot system group, manufacturing automation group, biomedical engineering group,visual-servoing and micro/nano manipulation group. We wish to contribute our research results to the industry development and human life.

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